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Private limited company.

About CHEMIPOL Co Ltd.

CHEMIPOL Co is a producer of paraffin wax emulsions, anti-caking agents for fertilisers. Company’s products are applied in various industries: wood-effect boards, insulation materials, mineral and glass wool, mineral fertilisers. .

One of the factors deciding about the improving Company’s market position is highly-qualified staff.

Our Company’s Mission and Vision
18 employees
23 years on the market
6 unique products
5+ awards of the year

Research and Development

As a result of its development policy and strategy, CHEMIPOL Co Ltd. is an author of a number of modern solutions and technologies. Company's R&D work on new technologies has borne fruit in the form of better-quality articles, offer adjusted to the highest European standards and new product implementation. Optimal business solutions and highly-qualified staff ensure Company’s growth and important market position.

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What do we do

By implementing modern technologies and solutions, CHEMIPOL Co Ltd. has established an important position of paraffin wax emulsion manufacturer on the Polish and European market. We also have an offloading and storage facilities for liquid and solid slag wax. We render railway and road vehicle offloading services. A new product for wood-effect boards subject to varnishing was launched in 2015.

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