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Paraffin wax emulsion P50

Paraffin wax emulsions from CHEMIPOL Co Ltd.

Paraffin wax emulsion P50

Anionic O/W-type paraffin wax emulsion containing 48 - 52% of paraffin.


Production of particle board, fibreboard, OSB (water-repellent agent), furniture, protective coating for wood (sawmills, pallet producers, bee-keeping), working solution (plasticizer), horticulture (protecting fruit tree sprouts) and other consumer applications.


Appearance: milk-white to yellow-beige liquid
Flavour: characteristic for paraffin
Viscosity: max. 500 mPas (in t. 20 °C)
Density: min. 0,910 g/cm3 (in t. 20 °C)
pH: 8,0 – 10,0
Particle size*: up to 550 nm

* - hydrodynamic diameter calculated with the DLS method

Packaging and storing:

The paraffin wax emulsion can be poured into road tankers, insulated tank cars, polyethylene containers with a capacity of 1000 l, galvanized steel drums with a capacity of 200 l or other containers consulted with the recipient and carrier as long as they protect the product not less than the above-listed containers.

The paraffin wax emulsion should be stored in closed containers or a storage tank designed for that purpose and equipped with low-speed stirrers.

Storing temperature: 10 – 30°C
Product life: 90 days from the production date
Stirring: once a week (for about 15 min., 20-30 revolutions per min.)


Paraffin wax emulsion P50 is not subject to RID and ADR classification and should be transported pursuant to the transportation regulations in force.

Toxicity, security measures and others

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