Tło chemipol

Company’s History

We have been manufacturing petroleum products since 1993.

Slide Background


Production Trade Company CHEMIPOL Co Ltd. started operating in 1993, when it was registered in the District Court in Szczecin under number KRS 0000005965. The company dealt with trading activity and selling artificial fertilizers.


The Company operation profile was modernised. R&D work on new products let the company meet the chemical market needs.


Relying on its own technology, the Company started the production of condensation polymer for coating urea pellets used for agricultural and technical purposes.


The work on manufacturing and launching paraffin wax emulsions was started.


PPH CHEMIPOL Co started a company with PPHU “Erg Chem” in Pustków, where ZTS “Erg” Pustków S.A. were a shareholder. In the newly-founded Company, the production of paraffin wax emulsions began according to the technology patented by PPH CHEMIPOL Co Ltd.


PPH CHEMIPOL Co bought out the shares possessed by ZTS “Erg” Pustków S.A. and became a 100% shareholder of PPHU “Erg Chem” in Pustków.


Production Trade Company CHEMIPOL Co Ltd. with its seat in Szczecin merged with PPHU “Erg Chem” Ltd. with its seat in Pustków under Article 492 § 1 item 1 of the Commercial Companies Code.

The seat of Production Trade Company CHEMIPOL Co Ltd. was moved to Pustków.


The Company name Production Trade Company CHEMIPOL Co Ltd. was changed into CHEMIPOL Co Ltd.


New products were launched.